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Risk Management

Build resilience for your business by quantifying the uncertain and mitigating individual risks


Entrepreneurial activity inevitably goes along with risk.


Anticipating and quantifying risks beforehand is key to develop resilience through contingency plans. These practices are crucial in ensuring a prosperous future for your start-up, and may be the difference between unicorns and failing start-ups. Whilst strategy consulting looks more inwards, risk consulting shifts the focus on the wider business context the company is operating within.


We seek to mitigate your risks in a wide range of areas that are further subdivided into the financial and the non-financial field. The latter includes political, repulational, legal, logistical and sustainability risk. Through a series of scenario analyses we help to ensure adaptability by develpoing contingency plans that align the internal and external view.

Risk Management

Learn How We Can Help You With Risk Management

Get in touch with leaders and consultants in our Risk Management team to explore how Castore Consulting can help you build resilience.

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