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Become part of a performance and team driven culture where collaboration and support enable results and delivery


Make an Impact

Our consultants engage in meaningful work that helps start-ups maximize their resources, to operate efficiently and to build capacity for growth.

Start-ups usually lack the time and resources to study the vast amounts of relevant theoretical insights that could be put into practice to boost their growth. This resource-constrained nature of start-ups means our advice is valued more by our clients, and allows us to combine extensive backgrounds of knowledge in strategy, management, entrepreneurship, and various other sciences taught at the LSE to deliver impactful advice.


Develop Skills

Whether you're starting or continuing your professional learning journey, all our roles offer real-world experience and high-quality training to suit your needs.

All our consultants receive training on sought-after skills at every step of the process, from planning to presentation. Working closely in a team will give you an excellent opportunity to learn to work effectively with others under pressure while creating structured analysis of business problems will build your analytical thinking. When working on a project, everyone has their own expertise and will have the chance to take a lead in those areas. You will also be presenting your recommendations to both the client as well as you peers. 

Your Springboard

We maintain a pristine track record of our consultants securing internships and full-time jobs in leading firms and organisations upon graduation.

The rigorous selection process and numerous on-the-job skill development opportunities offered at Castore Consulting rewards our consultants with increased competitiveness in the job market - irrespective of industries. 



An Associate Consultant works in a team to analyse a client’s business and its environment. You'll be creating the basis for compelling recommendations by contributing valuable insights.

We are looking for reliable individuals that have outstanding analytical skills, that are capable of working cooperatively and can deliver high quality results. Previous working experience is advantageous but not essential.

What You'll Do

  • ​Identify information sources, aggregate and interpret data, and conduct in-depth analysis

  • Identify opportunities and challenges and formulate ways the client can leverage them

  • Prepare informative and attractive presentations

Project Manager

A Project Manager leads a team of Associates and assumes responsibility for one project and client. You'll be actively involved in making strategic decisions and recommendations.

If you are pro-active, love taking initiative and are adept in planning, delegating, and controlling, the Project Manager role may be a good fit for you. You should be very comfortable with taking on responsibility and communicating to subordinates as well as superiors. A completed undergraduate degree and previous working experience – ideally in consulting or strategy – is required.​ Leadership experience is advantageous but not essential.

What You'll Do

  • Actively crack clients' toughest problems and generate strategic recommendations

  • Lead a group of Associates to ensure the successful completion of a project

  • Design and implement a work schedule

  • Communicate and present updates and results to Principals and the client

Venture Capital Analyst

Working with a team, a Venture Capital Analyst will analyse and explore funding avenues and get directly involved in the funding process.

Do you have an understanding of the Venture Capital industry and share our passion in helping start-ups grow? If yes, then come join us as a Venture Capital Analyst. You should be equipped with a genuine passion for and knowledge of new technologies and business models. We seek candidates with communication and teamwork skills, a strong ability to conduct independent research, and someone who likes to take ownership of their work. Proficiency in Excel and PowerPoint is assumed, and candidates should demonstrate strong interest towards venture capital, accelerators, M&A, or high-growth technology businesses.

What You'll Do

  • Help start-ups explore funding avenues including but not limited to Venture Capital, Angel investing, family offices, grants application​

  • Research and contact relevant investors for start-ups and build an investor network

  • Improve and/or create pitch decks with clients

  • Assist start-ups to secure sponsorships where applicable from corporate partners

Venture Capital Vice President

A Venture Capital Vice President will engage in investor acquisition with the client and oversee a team of Venture Capital Analysts.

This demanding yet rewarding role provides you with an opportunity to apply your technical knowledge and expertise to fuel the growth of a future disrupter. Master the art of start-up valuation while developing client-interaction, leadership, and negotiation skills. You should be very comfortable with assuming responsibilities and communicating to subordinates, superiors, clients, and prospective investors. Proficiency in Excel and PowerPoint is assumed, and previous experience in venture capital, accelerators, M&A or inside high-growth technology business is advantageous.

What You'll Do

  • ​Develop funding strategies for start-ups

  • Lead investor origination with your client with the goal of securing funding

  • Oversee a group of Venture Capital Analysts to ensure success and execution

  • Communicate and present updates and results to Principals and the client

Application FAQs

Please read the following questions that are most commonly asked about our application. If you do not see an answer to your question, you can click here to get in touch with the recruitment team.

How do I apply for a position at Castore Consulting?

To apply for a position, please visit our careers site. Once you've finished exploring the roles available, you can submit an application through our applicant tracking system when the positions are open.

What's the recruitment timeline?

There are two recruitment cycles per academic year - one in the summer and the other during autumn. The summer cycle begins during July and closes in late October. The autumn cycle starts from the end of Michaelmas term and ends at the beginning of Lent term.

What information should I have ready before applying?

Before you start applying through our applicant tracking system, please ensure that you have the following information readily available: contact information, education, examination results, grades/GPA, and an up-to-date CV. We do not require a cover letter, but instead you will be asked to answer a few relevant short questions in the application form.

When can I expect to hear back regarding the status of my application?

You will receive an email confirmation once you've successfully submitted your application. Our recruitment team will review your experience and skills and aim to get in touch with you within two weeks regarding any next steps or decisions. You can check the status of your application on our applicant tracking system. All applicants will receive communication regarding the final outcome of their application.

What's the application process?

Our application process consists of a CV screening and an interview. Our recruitment team will review your experience and skills from your submitted online application and extend interview invitations to candidates that fit the position they applied for. The interview will take approximately 30 minutes and consists of an experience interview and a case/technical interview.