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Where Talent Meets Impact

Join a culture that values performance and teamwork, where collaboration enables effective results and success.


Make an Impact

Our consultants deliver meaningful work, empowering start-ups to optimise resources, operate efficiently, and build capacity for sustainable growth.

Start-ups usually lack the time and resources to study the vast theoretical insights that could enhance their growth and business.

This limitation makes Castore's advice highly valuable to our clients, as we bring together extensive expertise in strategy, management, entrepreneurship, and various other sciences taught at the LSE to provide impactful guidance.


Develop Skills

Whether you are starting or furthering your professional learning journey, all our roles offer real-world experience and top-notch training tailored to your needs.

Castore consultants receive training on sought-after skills at every step, from planning to presentation.


Working in a team provides you with the opportunity to master effective collaboration under pressure. At the same time, creating structured business analyses will build your analytical thinking.


Each project allows consultants to showcase their expertise and take a lead in their respective areas. You will have the chance to present recommendations to clients and peers.

Your Springboard

We maintain a pristine track record of consultants securing internships and full-time jobs in leading firms and organisations upon graduation.


Our alumni network encompasses the most illustrious firms in the consulting industry, along with leading companies in banking, private equity, venture capital, technology, and various other sectors.


Leveraging our alumni network, we provide mentorship, education, and support to our student consultants, while also offering them unparalleled opportunities for career advancement in highly competitive fields.

Our Opportunities

Positions at Castore Consulting

Exercise your leadership and project management skills as you guide a team through complex business challenges and forge lasting client relationships.

Manage your individual workstream, synthesise meticulous analysis into compelling recommendations, and deliver persuasive and professional presentations to clients. 

Empower informed decision-making through rigorous data collection, analysis, and visualisation, contributing valuable qualitative and quantitative insights.

Application FAQs

Please read the following questions that are most commonly asked about our application process.
If you do not see an answer to your question, you can click here to get in touch with the recruitment team.

How do I apply for a position at Castore Consulting?
To apply for a position, please visit our careers site.
Once you've finished exploring the roles available, you can submit an application through our applicant tracking system when the positions are open.

What's the recruitment timeline?
There are two recruitment cycles per academic year – one in the summer and the other during winter.
The summer cycle begins during August and closes in early October.
The winter cycle starts in early December and ends in late December.

What's the application process?
Our application process consists of three selective stages: 
1. Responses & CV screening
2. Self-recorded video interview
3. Offer
Our recruitment team will review your experience and skills from your submitted online application and extend invitations for pre-recorded video interviews to candidates that fit the position they applied for. Upon completion of the pre-recorded video interview, candidate responses will be reviewed and successful candidates will receive their offer within one to two weeks.

What information should I have ready before applying?
Before you start applying through our applicant tracking system, please ensure that you have the following information readily available:
Up-to-date CV including:
> Contact information
> Education/ Academic background
> Examination results/ grades/ GPA
> Professional experience
> Leadership experience

A cover letter is not required to submit an application.

When can I expect to hear back regarding the status of my application?
You will receive an email confirmation once you've successfully submitted your application.
Our recruitment team will review your experience and skills and aim to get in touch with you within two weeks regarding any next steps or decisions.
All applicants will receive communication regarding the final outcome of their application.

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