Why join us?

Positions Available to LSE students

Make an Impact

Castore Consulting associates engage in meaningful work that helps Start-ups maximize their resources, operate efficiently and build capacity.


What You Get

You will receive invaluable experience and the satisfaction of knowing that your effort has contributed greatly to the society.

Our Approach

Become part of a performance and team driven culture where collaboration and support enable results and delivery.


Real Skills

No matter your career path,  Castore Consulting offers real-world experience and high-quality training to suit your needs. Our associates receive training at every step of the process, from planning to presentation. Working closely in a team will give you an excellent opportunity to learn to work effectively with others under pressure while creating structured analysis of business problems will build your analytical thinking. There are also a number of formal roles that you can assume such as project leader or project researcher. When working on a project, everyone has their own expertise and will have the chance to take a lead in those areas. You will also be presenting your recommendations to both the client as well as you peers.