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How we support our clients

We tailor services for startups from Seed to Series A, enabling scaling, global expansion, and capital acquisition. In partnership with Venture Capitalists, we propell our clients towards industry-leading success.

Our Capabilities

Our Core Capabilities


We boost 

companies' growth:

Business Strategy & Transformation

  • Growth Strategy:
    Issue identification, market & competitor analysis, short to long-term action plans.

  • Transformation:
    Structural optimisation and value proposition adjustments, KPIs development for gap detection and effective project management.


Marketing &
Sales Strategy


  • Marketing Strategy:
    Marketing optimisation  through data analytics, costumer-centric insights and benchmarking. 

  • Pricing Strategy:
    Price sensitivity analysis; multifaceted pricing strategy incorporating competitor analysis, perceived customer value, and internal costs.


Operational Efficiency

  • Operations Strategy:
    Value chain resilience and sustainability, competitive edge optimisation, alignment of operations with the overall strategy.

Innovation Strategy

  • Fostering Innovation:
    Innovation-driven strategy development,  encompassing the creation of new products or services and refining existing offerings to maintain competitiveness.​


Internatoinal expansion.png

International Expansion

We assist companies to develop new markets:

Market Entry & Positioning

  • Export Support:
    Global market entry facilitation, including customs, tax, trade, and law analysis.

  • Segmentation & Adaptation:
    Tailoring of products, services, and marketing to foreign markets,  demographics and behaviour analysis. 

& Alliances


  • Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances:
    Facilitation of local partnership creation for risk mitigation.

  • IP Licensing & Franchising:
    Innovation licensing and franchising assistance for foreign markets.



Digital Transformation & Innovation

  • E-commerce &
    Digital Strategy:

    Digital technology and e-commerce platforms for international customer reach, reduction of physical infrastructure dependency.

  • Localisation Consulting:
    Customisation of products, services, and communication strategies to adhere to local preferences, cultural norms, and regulations.


Risk Management

  • Risk Assessment:
    Risk identification, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, response planning; including 
    political, legal, reputational, logistical, sustainability threats.​



We support

financing activities:


  • Investment Readiness:
    Fundraising assessment, exploration of funding avenues (VC, Angel investing, family offices, and grants).

  • Investor Matching:
    Investor analysis, identification, outreach; improvement of existing investor network.


  • Financial Forecasting:
    Comprehensive financial models projecting revenue, profitability, and cash flow for potential acquisitions and investments.

  • Valuation:
    Start-up valuations based on several accepted methodologies; quantitative and qualitative research for informed insights and recommendations.

  • Scenario planning:
    Development of financial scenarios and responses based on market conditions and strategic choices.

Pitch Deck Preparation

  • Content Development:
    Improving or creating compelling pitch deck content that captures the start-up's vision, model, and market.

  • Presentation Coaching:
    Training for presenting with confidence and clarity, leveraging recent and relevant research.

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