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Support informed decision-making by conducting rigorous data collection and detailed analysis, contri-buting valuable qualitative and quantitative insights.

An Analyst plays a pivotal role in collecting, structuring, interpreting and presenting the data that fuels the consulting process and informs high-quality recommendations

Job Description


In the Analyst role, you will contribute to a ten-week consulting project, with responsibilities including:

  • Identifying opportunities and challenges relevant to clients

  • Employing robust problem-solving skills to simplify complex issues

  • Identifying relevant information sources and conducting extensive research

  • Interpreting data and conducting comprehensive, in-depth analysis

  • Presenting findings in a visually compelling and engaging manner

  • Collaborating with team members and clients to consider all perspectives and find the most effective solutions

  • The expected weekly time commitment is four to six working hours

Required Qualifications

For the Analyst role, we are seeking reliable, passionate individuals with strong analytical skills and a keen interest in startups, venture capital, disruptive business models, and cutting-edge trends.

As an Analyst, you should possess excellent communication and teamwork skills, demonstrate the ability to conduct independent research, show a readiness to take ownership of your work, and maintain a commitment to delivering high-quality results.

What we expect from Analysts:

  • Currently enrolled at LSE, or an incoming student with a confirmed, unconditional LSE offer

  • Ability to deconstruct problems and address them using both quantitative and qualitative analytical methods

  • Ability to conduct in-depth, relevant research efficiently and independently

  • Demonstrated capability to work collaboratively and reliably within a team environment

  • Basic proficiency in Excel and PowerPoint is expected

We follow the guidelines of an Equal Opportunity employer.

All applicants will be considered for a position without attention to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.

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