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The Nexus of LSE Talent
and Entrepreneurs

Our value proposition is underpinned by the synchronisation of our purpose, mission

and values between consultants

and start-ups


The meaning of "Castore"

We proudly derive our name from the Latin Ablative for "beaver" - the industrious mascot of our home institution, the London School of Economics (LSE).


Much like the beaver, renowned for its tireless dam-building and entrepreneurial spirit, we are devoted to fostering industrious innovation and robust enterprise.

Whilst beavers construct sturdy dams, we guide startups in building solid and sustainable business foundations.

By claiming that our clients "work with the beavers", we playfully nod to the LSE's emblematic creature, and strive to embody its steadfast diligence in all that we do.

The case for supporting Start-ups

Start-ups often lack the time and resources to delve into the vast troves of academic theories that could fuel their growth. Intricate analyses for strategic decision-making are hindered by start-ups' day-to-day operational demands.

On the other hand, LSE students are strongly motivated to continuously enhance their capabilities in the fiercely competitive landscape of the real-world economy. Castore provides talented LSE students with the rare opportunity to lead teams, manage projects and advise C-Level Executives on essential strategic matters.


Castore was established in 2018 as an answer to bridge the divide and create a mutually beneficial set-up, addressing the needs of both parties. Leveraging LSE's extensive knowledge base, and backed by a team of next-gen prodigy consultants, our advisory consistently delivers value to clients.

A beautiful symbiosis was created - whose synergies have proven beneficial for everyone involved since its inception.

Our Purpose

To be the catalyst for the next generation of unicorns and top tier consultants.

Our Mission

To connect the brightest minds of LSE with the most daring entrepreneurs to drive sustainable growth, build vital capabilities and provide challenging perspectives.

Our Values



We create the capacity for decision-making by offering simplicity in a complex, competitive and fast-moving venturing arena.



We challenge the conventional. We uphold the obligation to dissent. We leave comfort zones behind - our own and our client's.



We embrace diversity in all shapes and forms as a source

of innovation and superior


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