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The Nexus of LSE Talent and Entrepreneurs

Our value proposition is underpinned by the synchronisation of our purpose, mission and values between our consultants and start-ups


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Our Purpose, Mission, and Values

Start-ups usually lack the time and resources to study the vast amounts of relevant theoretical insights that could be put into practice to boost their growth. To help these young ventures thrive, we combine extensive backgrounds of knowledge in strategy, management, entrepreneurship, and various other sciences taught at the LSE.

Our diverse team hails from all corners of the globe and provides holistic, profound, and critical advice to master all stages from conception to scaling. Our expertise ranges from business model formulation, market analysis, and fundraising up to pivoting, pricing, and growth acceleration.

Our Purpose

To be the catalyst for the next generation of unicorns and top tier consultants.

Our Mission

To connect the brightest minds of LSE with the most daring entrepreneurs to drive sustainable growth, build vital capabilities and provide challenging perspectives.

Our Values

To build impactful partnerships with our clients:​

We identify tangible and practicable measures to initiate distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in our client’s aspirations.

To champion boldness:

We challenge the conventional. We uphold the obligation to dissent. We leave comfort zones behind - our own and our client's.

To be a leader in diversity:

We embrace diversity in all shapes and forms as a core source of innovation and superior performance.

Our Purpose, Mission, and Values
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