A Principal leads two teams of consultants on projects and functions as the main link between Castor Consulting and its clients.


Required qualification


We are looking for individuals that have great communication skills, are savvy in dealing with people and highly conscientious in their approach to work – in short: (future) leaders.


A completed Undergrad and previous working experience - ideally with client interaction is required.

Leadership experience is advantageous but not essential.


Key duties include:

  • Analysing client demands, specifying the scale and form of deliverables and communicating them to Seniors.

  • Mentoring and supporting student consultants and overseeing the progress, taking influence if required.

  • Organisation of meetings.

  • Recruitment of new Associate Consultants.


To apply, please click here and send your CV (no cover letter required).

Applications for projects during Michaelmas and Lent term close upon term start respectively.